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1. We take special care to find out exactly what you have in mind and then find the best solution to meet your requirements.

Whether your project is a high spec architectural new build or a small renovation, we take the time to sit down with you and discuss, your exact wants and needs for the finish project, we do this by taking you through a questionnaire and going over the plans with you to make sure you are fully informed of what has been designed. We go through cladding and finishing products you would like to use and advise you on what is going to suit your lifestyle best.


2. Our family owned and run business has been in business for 28 years. If it can be done, we have done it.

Les started the company in 1990 after a very successful rowing career where he won 2 world championship gold medals and 1 olympic gold medal. Since starting the company he has built a reputation as one of Canterbury’s premier architectural builders. Tom (Les’s son) joined the company in 2008 as an apprentice and has built up his knowledge and expertise over the years to take a management role allowing Les to be on site.


3. Les and Tom, the business owners, are personally involved throughout the entire project. You will be dealing directly with them.

As we are a small building company we only take on one or two jobs at a time, this means we can have greater control over timeframes and quality. We like to have regular site meetings with our clients so they feel informed and involved throughout the whole building process.


4. Our team is hand selected, well trained and highly efficient. This gives you good value with no wasted time.

We have a small team of quality builders that we have trained right through their apprenticeship, this means the whole team has been trained to work together in an efficient way with everyone knowing the quality work that is expected of them. This is one area where we believe we excel above our competition it is very rear that we do not complete a project in the timeframe agreed on at the start of a job in some cases finishing before our projected finish date.


5. We are members of the Registered Master Builders and have won multiple House-Of-The-Year Awards, including national gold awards.

We are members of the Registered Master Builders association and can offer their 10 year Guarantee. We have entered the House-Of-The-Year competition multiple times and have gained an award with every entry we have entered. This is a very competitive competition that puts you up against builders from all over the country, we value these awards very highly because they show we have been able to maintain our position as one of the top building companies in New Zealand over the last 20 years.


6 . In Addition to your 90 day defects warranty we guarantee our workmanship forever.
If anything goes wrong, and its our fault we will fix it asap.

We believe that our workmanship is of the highest standard and are prepared to back it up, guaranteeing all our workmanship for the life of the building. If anything goes wrong and it is our fault, we will fix it as soon as possible. We have been around for almost thirty years and will still be around in another 30 so you can rest easy knowing you home will always be covered by our guarantee.


7. We only work with trusted and personally proven sub--contractors. We ensure the quality of materials and quality of workmanship meets our exacting standards.

We have a team of sub-contracters that we know and trust will do an excellent job on your project. We hold our subcontractors to the same standards of quality that we hold ourselves to. Our sub-contractors are always on time and do what they say they are going to do.


8. We will deliver a professional and honest service providing real value for money.

Our commitment to you:
• We will complete your project on the promised date
• We will keep you informed and involved through the project
• We will be there when we say we will
• We wont surprise you with any hidden costs
• And if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our workmanship or service contact us immediately and we will put it right
• We will be honest and respectful