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Company Profile

Les O'Connell founded the company in 1991 and since then has been providing high-quality workmanship to the Christchurch residential building industry.

A proud family business

Attention to detail is key in a home build, but for LOC Construction, precise detail down to the exact millimetre is what makes them stand out in the luxury residential architectural building sector in Canterbury. They’ve consistently secured Gold at the Canterbury Master Builders Awards, a testament to their unwavering dedication to excellence. With 45 years of building experience, Les and Tom, are a father-son team committed to their craft and the pursuit of perfection.

The success of LOC Construction is deeply rooted in their unique company structure, where both Les and Tom play to their strengths. As General Manager, Tom handles project acquisition and manages relationships with clients, suppliers, and subcontractors up to the project’s initiation. Once the projects are underway, they are handed over to their capable foremen and skilled team. In an operational capacity, Les oversees all sites, bringing his expertise to ensure the highest standards of work. While Les used to work alongside the team, he now plays a more supportive role, setting an example with his exceptional work ethic and unwavering commitment to excellence.

LOC Construction approaches every luxury build knowing that architecturally designed homes are intricate creations, requiring meticulous attention to every detail. Each project they undertake is a journey, lasting anywhere from one to two years, where they breathe life into the architect’s vision and their client’s dream

Highest quality workmanship

LOC Construction has a long-standing relationship with their subcontractors, who have worked with them for many years. These subcontractors are well aware of the company’s expectations, and LOC Construction continues to engage them due to their consistent adherence to high standards. Both LOC Construction’s team and the subcontractors have established strong working relationships, fostering harmony on construction sites, especially important when multiple trades need to coordinate their efforts. When seeking quotes for new projects, LOC Construction exclusively considers these subcontractors, demonstrating unwavering confidence in their work quality, organizational skills, and integrity.

Tom, the son of Les, made the early decision to join the company on completion of High School and has since completed a comprehensive four-year apprenticeship, honing his skills and becoming a capable and strategic tradesman. Tom has also expanded his knowledge by studying business and project management, taking on a leadership role within the company. He now oversees the business operations, leads the team, and manages new projects.

LOC Construction prides itself on delivering the highest quality workmanship within specified timeframes and budget constraints.

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What do our clients say about us?

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