Bryndwr Alteration


A lovely alteration adding 160m2 of new floor space! A new garage, entranceway, kitchen and open plan living! On top of this, the existing home then gets renovated with a completely new layout!

Stage 1. Foundations

Our boys have been busy prepping foundations on this Fendalton 160m2 Alteration. This extension is going to be home to the new garage, kitchen and living. The original house will then be configured to 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms!

Stage 2. New Addition Weathertight

Our bryndwr alteration and extension is making great progress with the new dwelling nearly complete – this is currently being painted and will be ready for flooring and kitchen install soon. This new dwelling will complete the internal garage and new living. The existing house extension now has a new foundation and is ready for framing.

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